Tri-County Fence & Deck, LLC

A message from the owner, Frank Leta:

Tri-County Fence and Deck has been in business since 2005, and since that time has built a great reputation for customer service. I decided to purchase it because I live in St. Charles County and wanted to tap into the tremendous potential in the area. In a time where the business world is experiencing unprecedented hardships, I wanted to invest the resources necessary to make this fundamentally good business into a great one. By expanding the scope and reach of Tri-County Fence and Deck, I am proud to positively contribute to the local community, work force, and most of all, the consumer.

At Tri County Fence and Deck, we use the most state of the art equipment, and guarantee the finest workmanship and quality of materials. We find that most fence companies in the area provide quality competitive to ours, but they charge an extraordinary premium. This causes customers to compromise on their ideal fence or deck and settle for something less. We have built a business model on no compromises. if you choose Tri County then you will get the fence or deck you want at a price you can afford. It's that simple. By doing this, we have thrived mostly on referral business for the past several years.

My businesses have changed dramatically over the past 60 years, but one consistent feature I have maintained is an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction. I believed then as I believe now that a satisfied customer is the most important asset of my business. The Frank Leta Family of Businesses aims to provide a pleasant purchasing experience and an exceptional ownership experience to each of our clients. I personally guarantee that Tri-County Fence and Deck lives up to the high standards that my name has come to represent. Thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to learn about our business. I appreciate the opportunity to earn your business!